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'Skyrim' Player Completely Avoids Fall Damage Using Netch Jelly Trick

'Skyrim' Player Completely Avoids Fall Damage Using Netch Jelly Trick

Conquer gravity itself

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Anyone who's played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will know that exploration involves an awful lot of mountain climbing. This makes perfect sense given that Skyrim is a mountainous region, but it sure can get a little tiring finding the right path up and down these jagged peaks.

Of course most players will be aware that it's entirely possible to sack off the intended path up and mountain and simply spam the jump button as you slip up the side of a nearly vertical slope like a mountain goat. You can also get back down in much the same way, but one wrong step and you will go tumbling to your death thanks to that pesky fall damage.

Take a look at our virtual tour of Skyrim below!

Looking for a way to throw yourself off the highest mountain in Skyrim and live to tell the tale? You're in luck, friend. Earlier this month we found a mod that gives players an actual hang-glider so that can simply catch a breeze and float to safety. But it turns out there's another way that doesn't require the use of mods at all.

Over on the Skyrim subreddit, one player demonstrated how it's possible to use Netch Jelly to prevent "any and all fall damage". All you have to do is leap off the side of a mountain and then access your pockets to use the Netch Jelly - preferably before you hit the ground with a lifeless splat. Take a look at the trick in action below!

Netch Jelly is a special item in Skyrim that paralyses players on consumption. Clearly the animation of the character becoming stiff as a plank (stop sniggering) cancels out the usually fatal contact with the ground.

The only problem is that Netch Jelly isn't that easy to come by. You'll first need to find and kill the jellyfish-like Netch, although since they're completely peaceful creatures doing so just so you can jump off mountains will make you look like a right bastard.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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