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Respawn Says We Shouldn't Hold Our Breath For 'Titanfall 3', Then Changes Its Mind

Respawn Says We Shouldn't Hold Our Breath For 'Titanfall 3', Then Changes Its Mind

Despite a recent update, Respawn has now said it's interested in make Titanfall 3

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Now, this is a bit of an unusual situation - imagine a developer telling us all to stop waiting for a game and then shortly afterwards, tell us to be hopeful once again. But that's exactly what has been happening with Respawn and the next steps of the Titanfall series.

Titanfall 2 is known as possibly one of the most underrated shooters in modern gaming. Respawn released the game back in 2016 without a massive amount of buzz about the game, but as the years have passed many have begun to sing the praises of the campaign especially, even more so after the release of Apex Legends.

Here is the epic trailer for Titanfall 2...

Respawn Entertainment has since been working hard on keeping the battle royale fresh and ticking over but fans have been longing for a return to Titanfall too. That was until one of the team, community coordinator Jason Garza was spotted by Dexerto saying that fans shouldn't be waiting for Titanfall 3. In a livestream he says: "Don't get your hopes up, man. I've said this before. We don't have anything in [the] works. There's nothing. There's nothing there. We've got too many other games in the works right now."

As publications have reported on this comment from Respawn, the developers have now come forward and essentially rescinded that sentiment and indicated that fans should in fact be looking forward to Titanfall developments after all. The company tweets: "Contrary to what some folks are reporting, Titanfall is the very core of our DNA. Who knows what the future holds..."

What a confusing situation right? Are the team saying that they do have plans to make another Titanfall game? Or are they simply saying that you should never say never? Well either way I guess it's sort of a good sign for those who were fans of the first two instalments. At least now you have a sign that a third is a possibility.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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