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Uncharted Movie Drops New Look At Tom Holland's Upcoming Adventure

Uncharted Movie Drops New Look At Tom Holland's Upcoming Adventure

Greatness from four stills.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Sony's upcoming Uncharted movie has just dropped four exciting new images from Tom Holland's first big-screen adventure as Nathan Drake. While it's not quite the trailer we were hoping for (although that's surely coming in the next few weeks), it does give us a good look at some of the mysterious relics and clues that our intrepid treasure tracker will be using over the course of the movie.

"A new year. A new adventure awaits," the tweet reads. Take a look at the images below. No, they don't really tell us much, but it does definitely look like Uncharted... by which I mean it also looks like all four stills could have been taken from any of the Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones movies.

Originally announced in 2008, it's been slow-going for Sony's Uncharted movie. The project has seen its way through countless iterations, with various screenwriters, actors, and directors all attached at various points. Mark Wahlberg, now set to play the role of Victor Sullivan alongside Holland's Nathan Drake, was originally in line for the lead role. Tom Holland was 12 years old when the movie was first announced. Like I say, it's been slow-going.

Directors like Shawn Levy, David O' Russell, Dan Trachtenberg, and Travis Knight all came and went for various reasons, before Sony finally broke the curse with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer in 2019. Even then, however, the project was shut down on day one of filming. The COVID-19 pandemic meant that the film had to be put on hold, and the release date was pushed back (for like the sixth time) to July 2021. Filming was fortunately able to resume in July 2020, and just a few months ago we got our first look at Holland in character as Nathan Drake.

It's been a long journey to the release of the Uncharted movie, but it seems like we're finally getting there. Holland, no longer a 12-year-old child, definitely looks the part in his adventure gear. We'll have to reserve our full judgment until we've seen an actual trailer, of course, but I'm starting to let myself believe this Uncharted movie might just have been worth the wait.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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