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NoSkyrim Banned From Nexus Mods For Being Literally Unplayable

NoSkyrim Banned From Nexus Mods For Being Literally Unplayable

But fans want it back on the site.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a meme for just existing at this point. Gaming has an age old joke that Skyrim will last forever because it has had so many rereleases and remasters, including the newly announced Anniversary Edition of the game. It'll once again make the game prettier and even add fishing, but some players have had enough - they don't want to play Skyrim anymore and have turned to the NoSkyrim mod to stop the open-world adventure once and for all.

The NoSkyrim mod made the rounds at the end of last week and during the weekend, because of its hilarious premise. It's a mod that, rather than improving or altering some part of the game, will actually just crash Skyrim instead. That means no more Skyrim, solving many people's gaming issues and preventing Bethesda from tempting players back with yet another edition - genius.

If you're looking to get away, perhaps a trip to Skyrim is on the cards...

However, according to TheGamer, NexusMods has now removed NoSkyrim because of its unplayable nature. I guess although it's a joke, they have to stop mods that are perhaps a little harmful to the software of the games the site aims to improve.

Fans of NoSkyrim are upset about the ban from the website. The creator is trying to petition NexusMods to allow the mod back on the site, even making a subreddit r/savenoskyrim to try and spread the word.

Though it's all mostly a joke, the mod has gained a lot of positive attention from fans of the game. Many going on to write lengthy posts in r/savenoskyrim about how stopping the game improved their life in some way. For example, there is one user who dramatically tells the story of a Skyrim eating away at their marriage like an addiction which means they need a mod like NoSkyrim to help them.

Though NexusMods may never reinstate NoSkyrim, the creator has put the mod elsewhere for your enjoyment if you still really want to get your hands on the project.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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