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Skyrim player discovers new use for Shout after 10 years

Skyrim player discovers new use for Shout after 10 years

We will be trying this out immediately

How did we miss this?

Even after all this time, Skyrim can still surprise us.

At least we don’t have to be alone in our embarrassment, as other players didn’t know about this new use for one of the Dragonborn’s Shouts.

‘Throw Voice’ is a Shout that, as the name suggests, allows the protagonist to taunt enemies or distract them into looking elsewhere.

Years later and Skyrim is still out number one

But what one fan didn’t realise is that using said Shout allows you to hear your otherwise silent character.

“Today I learned that ‘Throw Voice’ Shout causes your character to talk.”

The OP added, “This was actually shocking to me, in my almost 10 years of playing I have never once used throw voice.”

Interestingly, though, not everyone will get to hear their character speak.

As shared by another Redditor further down the thread, “Depending on the race, it's bugged. I think most elves don't work, at least my dunmer didn't until I installed the ‘unofficial patch’, and even then, he just shouted ‘Hey!’”

What next, a hidden good ending to one of the game’s most horrific quests? Oh wait, that’s already happened.

So, how has this Shout feature remained unknown for all this time?

Quite simply, people don’t use it.

“OMG! I've never used ‘Throw Voice’ before, that's so funny!” posted one amused gamer.

Honestly, same.

I’ve played a lot of Skyrim over the years and have never used this Shout despite it being a sound way of outsmarting your enemy.

Maybe this new information is the universe telling me I need to return to Bethesda’s fantasy RPG for yet another playthrough...?

We genuinely hope you’re able to listen to your character throw insults as they roam the landscape. But if you can’t, you can always revisit this thread and chuckle at the OP’s character shouting, “Hey, skeever butt!”

What a true gift.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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