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Hideo Kojima Almost Made Another New Horror Game, But Stadia Cancelled It

Hideo Kojima Almost Made Another New Horror Game, But Stadia Cancelled It

Stadia just didn't want it after all

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Come on, can someone just let Hideo Kojima finish a horror game, please? It's sort of getting ridiculous. The director, who was set to release Silent Hills with Konami several years ago, was ready to dip his toes back into horror with an episodic horror game designed for Stadia, but it was ultimately blocked.

According to VGC, Stadia had a couple of big projects in the works that never saw the light of day, including this Kojima Productions horror game. The original report says that the title was going to be an episodic horror game, probably think of The Dark Pictures Anthology series that's being released by Supermassive Games, or The Walking Dead series from Telltale. It's reported that the Japanese company is keen to innovate in the cloud gaming space and this was going to be an opportunity to do so until Stadia's GM Phil Harrison blocked the project. Upsetting huh.

And cancellations didn't stop with Kojima's horror game either. Stadia also backed out of a multiplayer game led by an ex-Assassin's Creed creative and Journey to the Savage Planet's sequel. Concerns have also been raised surrounding Stadia's plans for a music game designed by Harmonix, which is apparently close to completion.

Harmonix's CEO Steve Janiak denies that the game has been cancelled but it apparently has been severally disrupted by music licensing. If Google cannot sort the problems associated with the Stadia, Harmonix will "take it to other platforms," says the CEO.

Stadia's development stories have been a mess since it was announced that Google was shutting down the internal development of games despite never even releasing one project. Stadia will continue to look into third-party-developed projects but recently had a public spat with one of Terraria's creators.

After being locked out of his Google account for weeks, the Terraria co-creator Andrew Spinks cancelled plans for a port to Stadia on Twitter. Thankfully the problems have now been settled and a port is still on the way, but Stadia continues, so far, to be a challenging platform for everyone.

Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions / Konami

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