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'Grand Theft Auto V' Just Smashed Another Incredible Sales Milestone

'Grand Theft Auto V' Just Smashed Another Incredible Sales Milestone

I'm not sure we'll ever get GTA VI at this rate

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Grand Theft Auto V is a monster. Since Rockstar Games launched the open-world crime epic back in 2013, it has basically unhinged its massive jaw and inhaled buckets of money at an alarming rate.

With each passing year, the game somehow manages to sell more and more copies, to the point that there can't be anyone left who doesn't own the damn thing. And yet, GTA V is fast approaching its seventh birthday... and it's still not done. Rockstar parent company Take-Two announced as part of its recent earnings call that the game has now shifted 130 million units across all platforms worldwide.

For context, Take-Two only announced in February that GTA V had reached the 120 million mark. It's sold 10 million more copies in four months, and it's nearly a decade old. Do people think there's some kind of magical artefact hidden in one of the copies of the game? If you've ever wondered why exactly GTA VI has taken so long, this could very well be the reason.

This means that the entire Grand Theft Auto series as a whole has sold over 325 million units to date. GTA V accounts of nearly 40 percent of the entire series' sales. Forty. Percent. That's absolutely wild, is what that is.

We're not saying that GTA V isn't deserving of all of this success though. Quite the opposite. It remains, arguably, Rockstar's finest work to date. A sprawling, detailed open world full of life, humour, and characters that feel truly alive. Simply walking through Los Santos feels exciting in its own right, and that's a testament to the work that went into building the world.

Grand Theft Auto V /
Rockstar Games

There's also the free GTA Online component, which is quite clearly a driving factor behind the game's continued success. After all, the single-player has loads to do, but it's the online mode that's a constantly updated and evolving social space. People can't get enough of it.

It's clear that there's a ton of pressure on Rockstar to deliver with GTA VI then, which might also explain why we've been waiting so long. As someone pointed out to me recently, the PS4/Xbox One generation is on track to be the first one without its own GTA game since the series began in 1997. Recent reports suggest that work has commenced on the next entry, but it's highly unlikely that anything will be shown before the next-gen consoles swoop in.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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