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'God Of War' Art Director Shares His Epic Version Of Batman

'God Of War' Art Director Shares His Epic Version Of Batman

These artworks just keep getting better and better.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

We've gushed about Raf Grassetti's phenomenal talents before - we're undoubtedly huge fans at this point. The God of War art director regularly does personal work and other gigs that allow him to create some of the most beautiful and sometimes disturbing pieces depicting gaming and nerd culture's biggest icons.

We've previously fangirled over his work - a fantastic Starfox piece, a stunning Sonic the Hedgehog's Knuckles artwork, and more recently a Joker oriented composition. The latter connected nicely to one of Grassetti's most recent works that was spotted by Comicbook. It's Bruce 'Batman' Wayne himself on a badass motorbike for an upcoming DC Comics cover.

As well as being the art director of God of War and the upcoming God of War 2 - Raf Grassetti takes on work making art for other projects. This one is for Batman: The Detective Issue 1. There are a few covers for this issue, and Grassetti has a couple of variants that you might see, but the one the artist has shared to celebrate the release is just gorgeous.

It's a different sort of Batman than we might be used to. Less of the metal utility belt jingling with Batarangs, smoke bombs and a Batline and more the Batman that might have been in The Matrix. The essence of Batsy is still there without a doubt, but he's cooler and probably likes IPAs in this version.

Other recent works by Grassetti include an awesome Nightwing variant cover showing the character ready to pounce on one bad guy or another. It gives us a really cool idea of what a live-action Nightwing film might look like, too. Grassetti also seems to be intrigued by the huge surge in cryptocurrency, NFTs, and art - creating quite a few virtual sculptures with the tags #cryptoart and #nft. You might recognise at least the Elon Musk meme among them.

What we're really hoping for, is some gorgeous concept art that will come out of the development of God of War 2, whenever that'll be released. Until then though we'll happily look at Grassetti's Instagram and imagine the potential.

Featured Image Credit: DC / Santa Monica Studio / Raf Grassetti

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