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'God Of War' Art Director Shares His Stunning Take On The Joker

'God Of War' Art Director Shares His Stunning Take On The Joker

Maddeningly good

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Artists reinterpret characters all the time in the comic book world. Between all the worlds of DC there has to be thousands of variations on the look of the biggest characters from Batman to Catwoman, Penguin, The Riddler, and of course, The Joker.

Although everyone likes a little bit of dear Bruce 'Batsy' Wayne, The Joker's symbology and cultural relevance perseveres in so many ways but often keeps the creepy smile, deranged eyes, and his classic clown style. And that's no different in God of War art director's interpretation of the fool.

Raf Grassetti, known for art direction on the gorgeous 2018 release of God of War has also turned his hand to DC comics with this phenomenal interpretation of The Joker. In the classic purple and green suit with his ivy coloured hair, this joke's smile is so wide it's uncomfortable to look at.

This is by no means the artist's first rodeo with working on comics, or making characters his own. Grassetti's Instagram is filled to the brim with all sorts of artwork he's doing outside of his God of War Ragnarok work. It's not only the world of Marvel he's delved into but also incredible pieces of Street Fighter characters, Marvel universe X-Men and villains, Dragon Ball Z and more. Each and every one of these pieces of art are so incredibly detailed it's shocking to zoom in and see all the little elaborate strokes.

Grassetti has confirmed that he's working on God of War Ragnarok which has only been teased so far. Sony's Santa Monica Studio is working hard on bring us back to the world of Kratos and Atreus as soon as they can, and safe to say gamers are waiting with baited breath to see how it turns out. If Grassetti's continued amazing artwork is anything to go on, though, it's at least going to be just as gorgeous as the original.

Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio / DC Comics

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