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Gamer Explains How To Beat 'Dark Souls' Without Dying

Gamer Explains How To Beat 'Dark Souls' Without Dying

If you want to git gud, it doesn’t get any more gud than this.



Words: Catherine Lewis

For many gamers, the Dark Souls series is the epitome of difficulty. For some, even beating these games simply as they were intended is a big enough challenge, but of course, that hasn't stopped the braver players among us from taking on insane challenge runs, from not attacking the bosses at all to beating them with a controller made of pizza.

If you were feeling up to a challenge that doesn't require getting cheese on your fingers, then this guide to beating Dark Souls: Remastered without dying once (!) might interest you. Published in the r/darksouls subreddit, user Definitely_not_Vlad has detailed their route through this ruthless test of skill, so that anyone (with guts) can give it a go.

Whilst you're hanging about in the game, why not see some of the sights the series has to offer?

The guide is a pretty hefty read; spanning 26 sections and detailing everything you need to know, from where to go, to which specific enemies you need to take out. If that wasn't enough, you can also check out their live commentary video to watch some amazing strats in motion (or live vicariously through their triumphs). They honestly make it look easy, but you can rest assured that it's definitely not, and other users are incredibly impressed.

"I thought this was going to be a joke about not actually finishing the game, since it's any%. This is a legit guide." commented LoremasterKahn.

"Going to try this, probably going to die." wrote EloHeim_There.

Responding, Definitely_not_Vlad said: "Honestly, first time going through this route, I died so many times I almost quit, but keep practicing and you'll see your attempts get better and better over time, until you whittle it down to a few or one death and that's when it gets exciting!"

So, feeling brave? If you were looking for a new gaming achievement to flex, you could certainly do a lot worse than this. Besides, it can't be that hard...right?

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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