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'Dying Light 2' Features Multiple Endings, According To Leaker

'Dying Light 2' Features Multiple Endings, According To Leaker

Reports on Dying Light 2's development have been rocky to say the least.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Dying Light 2, the upcoming apocalyptic action game from Polish developer Techland, will see players choose from five "major" endings in the diverging storyline according to a leak.

As a sequel to the game of the same name released in 2015, fans have been like a zombie on a hot tin roof waiting to find out more about Dying Light 2 and the desolate yet dynamic open-world it will offer to players. Unfortunately, since it was announced at E3 2018, details have been light on the ground. Furthermore, the report that Techland cultivates toxic attitudes in the workplace hasn't helped things, though the developer did state that reading those stories was "crushing" for employees. What we do know is that it is set in The City, which is somewhere in Europe and will be four times the scale of the original map of Harran. Owing to the destruction that the infection has wrought, it is described to have triggered a new "Dark Ages" for the survivors that remain, and its quests have been written by developers who worked on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The developer let players pick their brains in an "Ask Me Anything" session that it hosted with the game's lead designer earlier this month. Want to get the lowdown? Watch this video below.

Though Techland is keeping its cards close to its chests, a leaker on Reddit named wrzesien24 shared even more about Dying Light 2. They allege that the game will boast five "major" endings, and of these, three will have "further options" that determine the fate of The City. In total, there are 26 main quests and these allow players to choose how they'd like to deal with the conflict or outcome of these stories. And, there will be two expansions on their way to Dying Light 2 - one will be free to compensate for the prolonged development duration, and the other will "[take] place on a new location with a different character."

However, wrzesien24 claims that the game will have "severe optimization issues" on last-gen consoles, and to counteract this, Techland is not opting for a 1080p resolution and instead will aim for 900p on "baser consoles." Moreover, "the view distance [is] to be significantly low on current gen (this is done to make the game run with minimum 30 fps at all times) to a point where only things afoot are visible clearly." Of course, we must consider these additions with a pinch of salt, as the developer itself has not made mention of anything like this. There's something interesting about this person's username, though. It means September 24th in Polish. September 24th 2021 falls on a Friday, and developers try to release their games on Fridays to coincide with paydays and free time to shop.

Makes you think. Dying Light 2 is set to launch for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this year, and we'll let you know when we hear more.

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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