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Gamer Narrowly Avoids Bullet To The Head While Playing On Their PC

Gamer Narrowly Avoids Bullet To The Head While Playing On Their PC

One gamer has taken to Twitter to share a terrifying near-death experience which has left their monitor destroyed.

One gamer very narrowly avoided disaster yesterday after they apparently almost got hit with a stray bullet while playing Apex Legends. Twitter user @YTMikeCheck posted a series of images documenting the aftermath of the event, and explaining what happened.

“A stray shot from someone yesterday almost hit my head while I was playing Apex,” @YTMikeCheck wrote. “At most missed me by [three] inches and hit my left monitor. [What the f**k] is life.” As you can see, the bullet travelled straight through the middle of the monitor, completely destroying the screen in the process. No doubt that it was much better for it to have been the monitor that got damaged than the alternative, though.

The damage didn’t stop there, though. In a follow-up post, the gamer shared pictures of three further holes in their wall and soundproofing foam: “Looks like the bullet fragmented after hitting the monitor and went through the wall,” they added.

Others have been left stunned by the story: “[Don’t] know you brotha but holy, [I’m] glad [you’re] safe, [RIP] to your monitor etc. [I’m] glad [you’re] safe and everyone else is. Bless up brotha,” tweeted @NexyDTX. “[What the f**k, what do you mean]? Like you were gaming and a random bullet missed you? Dude I’d just pack my s**t right there and then. Glad you are okay mate that’s some scary s**t,” replied @DevDesigns_

Featured Image Credit: YTMikeCheck via Twitter

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