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A Game Of Thrones movie is in development

A Game Of Thrones movie is in development

Winter is coming again

Another Game of Thrones prequel is in development, said to focus on Aegon I Targaryen and their conquest of Westeros.

The news comes from an exclusive report from Variety, said to be compiled from reliable inside sources. Although this news will undeniably stoke the fires of excitement amongst GoT fans, it’s worth noting that no writer has yet been assigned to this project, despite HBO apparently being “keen to move forward and get it into development”.

Insiders also hinted at the chance of a feature length movie, saying that “HBO and Warner Bros would produce a feature film that would lead into the potential series”. However, HBO has remained extremely quiet on this latest news, and declined commenting on the rumours.

House of the Dragon was a huge success for HBO in 2022, so much so that when fans found out the second season is slated for 2024, they were “devastated”. Building on the foundations of that, and Game of Thrones itself, is a smart way to further capitalise on the hype and fandom. Still, plenty of other GoT prequel “news” has proven to be little more than wishful thinking and/or projects that fall through, like Bloodmoon, which was eventually scrapped after its $30 million pilot. Consequently, it’s not hard to imagine this Aegon prequel going the same way.

But if the history behind the Iron Throne is set to be told from yet another angle, fans of GoT can expect the prequel to focus on how Aegon and his sisters/wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, conquered six of the seven Westeros kingdoms, using the might of their dragons and an unforgivable army. It would be an epic series, of that we’re certain. And following the success of House of the Dragon, it’s clear that fans can’t get enough of the Targaryen Dynasty, of which Aegon is its founder.

Creating interlinked cinematic and televised universes has proven to be a huge success for Disney+, and with Warner Bros Discovery already rebooting the DC Universe under James Gunn, now might be the time to strike. However, until HBO makes an announcement, a show about Aegon’s powerful, intriguing (and incestious) legacy might never be more than a pipedream.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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