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Free download for one of 2023's best games available now

Free download for one of 2023's best games available now

Free download for one of 2023's best games available now

Alan Wake II fans can rejoice to hear that a New Game Plus mode has been added to the title. As one of 2023’s best games, this is the perfect time to get your hands on Remedy’s latest survival horror game.

Remedy’s latest award-nominated title Alan Wake II just missed out on winning Game of the Year but that hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the most highly rated games of 2023. The survival horror combines elements of mystery, intrigue and downright terror to create a lasting impression on the gaming community. So it is perhaps no surprise that Remedy has already worked on releasing a New Game Plus mode.

Check out the Alan Wake II launch trailer below!

Launching on 11 December, the mode will be part of an update titled ‘The Final Draft’ and will enable players to retain all weapons, charms and upgrades from their previous playthrough. Not only that, but the New Game Plus mode will welcome a brand-new Nightmare difficulty level in case you didn’t suffer enough.

Last but not least, The Final Draft will feature a new ending to the story as well as new lore to discover in the form of videos and collectible manuscript pages. As with any big update, there will also be standard bug fixes and performance optimisations.

The update will be completely free to those who already own Alan Wake II and this is just one of many updates planned for the title. Remedy are reportedly working on two paid expansions including the first Night Springs which will be released in late spring 2024. The second, titled The Lakehouse, is yet to receive a release date.

Our very own Richard Lee Breslin reviewed Alan Wake 2 and rated it an exceptional 9/10. He said: “I’m glad to say that Alan Wake II is not only one of the best games of 2023 but it also surpasses the 2010 original in almost every way. It does everything you’d want from a sequel. Alan Wake II looks better, it plays better, it sounds better and it brings scares in abundance. Alan Wake II is another crown jewel in Remedy Entertainment’s library and a sequel that will delight fans.”

Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

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