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Fortnite pulls Trios with barely any warning, and fans aren't happy

Fortnite pulls Trios with barely any warning, and fans aren't happy

Fortnite will be losing its Trios mode from 17 May, and it's not known if it'll be brought back.

Today’s big Fortnite update has quickly gone from being one of the most exciting to one of the worst, as it’s been confirmed that Trios are being indefinitely removed from the game. Groups of three will soon be forced to play Squads with a random fourth person, lest they face the wrath of larger groups alone.

I’ll be completely honest - I first heard this news while playing Trios myself, and my immediate response was simply, ‘That can’t be right, can it?’ I’m positive that I can’t be the only one who’s utterly baffled by this - the option to play with two other friends is such a staple part of Fortnite, and it seems bizarre to remove it. However, as GGRecon reports, this change comes as part of the Ranked Mode update, and was announced completely out of the blue.

Attack on Titan content was recently added to Fortnite, making it possible to zip around the map and attack enemies using ODM Gear. Take a look at it in action below.

The news was announced by the official Fortnite Status account on Twitter yesterday. In a tweet, they simply wrote: “Please note that with the launch of v24.40, we will be vaulting the Trios team size in Battle Royale and Zero Build.” A blog post explaining the update’s changes offers no further explanation, so it’s all very strange, and fans haven’t taken the news well.

“Trios is the best game mode for Competitive Zero Build. Hopefully we can still have Trio tourneys/Ranked at least,” @Zemie tweeted. “What an absolutely garbage decision. I am not trying to play Squads with a rando and I am not trying to 3v4 a team,” @uhm_1dk wrote. “This is pretty disappointing. I have over 1,100 Trios games, and [it's] the main mode I play. What mode am I supposed to play with my two friends? This Trios vault should be reverted. If anything, swap Trios for one of the Ranked modes before you remove an existing mode,” added @zdwolfe.

At the time of writing, it’s not clear if Epic Games might eventually bring back Trios, but for now it seems that groups of three will need to seek out an extra teammate - fast.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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