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This Fan-Made 'Attack On Titan' Game Looks Better Than The Real Ones

This Fan-Made 'Attack On Titan' Game Looks Better Than The Real Ones

The fan-made project has been taking the internet by storm, and it's now getting ported to Unreal Engine 5.

We’ve seen a number of Attack on Titan games release over the years, and generally, they’ve all been received pretty dang well. Guess there’s just something about swinging about slaying giant man-eating titans that hits the spot.

Check out the project right here.

As reported by Kotaku though, one fan, who goes by Swammy, has been working on his own game project for over a year now, and it’s been taking the internet by storm for good reason. The ODM gear (translation for the uninitiated - the gas and grappling hook-esque devices that the characters zoom around with) has been improved so that players have much more freedom (and speed) to swing about wherever they want. Think Marvel’s Spider-Man, except throw a bunch of massive naked guys with a hunger for human flesh in there.

The project had already racked up thousands of downloads, but it’s now been confirmed that the whole thing is going to be shifted over to Unreal Engine 5, which is super exciting. A short demo video has shown that it’s going to be looking a lot shinier when it’s ported over, and combined with the already fluid gameplay, fans will be in for a real treat.

You can download the current version of the game totally free on PC and mobile right now - although keep in mind that the mobile build isn’t getting any further updates, all of Swammy’s focus is on the PC version now. 

Featured Image Credit: MAPPA, Funimation

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