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Fortnite players slate the return of OP Deku Smash

Fortnite players slate the return of OP Deku Smash

Fortnite players are arguing that the overpowered Mythic Deku Smash should be Vaulted after returning to the game a few days ago.

Fortnite players are split over the return of the Mythic Deku Smash, with some arguing that the overpowered item should be removed from the game.

After the slightly underwhelming Fornite Wilds, it’s fair to say that Last Resort has put the game back in everybody’s good graces. The latest heist-themed season may feature a few too many NPCs for my liking, but it’s brought back some killer weapons (some of which I’m yet to get my hands on) and new interesting locations. There are rumours that the game could soon be getting both a first-person mode and a new open-world game mode. In the meantime though, this week’s update brought back an old favourite, or so we thought. While many have delighted in the return of the Deku Smash, others are demanding it immediately be Vaulted again.

Take a look at our video review of the recently released Starfield below.

The Mythic Deku Smash was introduced in a previous My Hero Academia collaboration but seeing as a new set of skins just hit the game (Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido), devs also decided to bring back the powerful Deku Smash. I personally missed the item the first time around, and discovered its power this week. A squadmate was under attack by three players, one powerful Deku Smash and bam. They were all gone. Fun to use, not so fun to be on the receiving end of.

Over on Reddit, many criticised the Mythic’s power. One user wrote, “This season was being heralded as the best in this Chapter. It was extremely well balanced. Mobility was good. Weapon pool was fair and balanced. There were no OP Mythics that were ruining the game. So why Epic ... Why must you ruin a good thing? This season didn't need this nonsense.”

Many agreed. “Deku Smash is incredibly annoying,” added Drewskeet, while Fortnitesworstsniper said, “They always manage to ruin it with some stupid addition.” It’s not the only OP item. Don’t forget that Foundation MK7 is lying in the vaults, plus Lightsabers could return in a few weeks for the Ahsoka event. Have mercy on us.

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