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Former GTA boss unveils stunning new open-world game

Former GTA boss unveils stunning new open-world game

Build a Rocket Boy has revealed MindsEye, an exciting new sci-fi title that the studio claims will be a "blockbuster".

Build a Rocket Boy, the games studio founded by the former lead developer on the Grand Theft Auto series, has just announced a new title with an intriguing sci-fi setting, and it looks incredible.

Leslie Benzies was once the president of Rockstar North, and led development on every GTA game since III (he left in 2016 though, so he’s not working on GTA VI). Last summer, during Gamescom’s opening night, his new studio revealed Everywhere - a mysterious title which will apparently “seamlessly [blend] gameplay, adventure, creativity and discovery in an all-new multi-world gaming experience that redefines how players connect with one another and with the digital world around them”. Confusingly, the new sci-fi game, MindsEye, seems to exist inside this one.

Take a look at the trailer for Build a Rocket Boy’s upcoming game, MindsEye, below.

According to the trailer's description, MindsEye is "a new blockbuster game set in a unique world - available in Everywhere". How that works, I honestly have no idea.

As GGRecon reports, although the teaser is very brief, small gameplay snapshots indicate that the game will take some elements from the GTA series, seemingly including an open-world setting. The story sounds like it could be really cool, too - the protagonist has some sort of chip implanted in his head which looks like it gives him some neat powers, although the way he speaks about it makes me think that it comes at a price.

At the time of writing, Everywhere is set to come out sometime this year, although we don’t have a release window for it yet. It seems like MindsEye will probably come out simultaneously, but that’s pure speculation based on the fact that it's part of the same thing. This whole thing is very confusing - hopefully Build a Rocket Boy will give some clarity on the situation soon.

Featured Image Credit: Build a Rocket Boy

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