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Final Fantasy 9 remake teased by insider ahead of official reveal

Final Fantasy 9 remake teased by insider ahead of official reveal

A FF9 remake may be arriving sooner than we thought

With multiple entries in the Final Fantasy series, it is hard not to have favorites and those who loved Final Fantasy 9 back in the day may have just received some exciting news.

First released back in 2000, Final Fantasy IX is the ninth main instalment in the long-running series by Square Enix and according to recent rumours, it is set to get an official remake.

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Now according to SEGA/Atlas leaker ‘Midori’, development on Final Fantasy 9 is going well and Square Enix may even officially announce the title before April 2025.

This comes a month after Midori claimed the remake is indeed happening but now thanks to this infamous leaker, we now have some more information about the project.

According to them, the remake was originally outsourced to a different developer but now development has shifted once more as Square Enix was unhappy with the way things were going.

However, they claim that development is “very far along”. Although they do not have an exact release date, they do believe that the title could be released before the end of Square Enix’s current fiscal year which ends on 31 March, 2025.

“But I do not have any firm information on the scope of this title or a firm release period right now,” they said.

Furthermore, Midori also added that more information about the Final Fantasy 9 remake could be revealed at the upcoming Xbox Showcase which airs on 9 June.

“There are plans for new information on some SQEX titles at the Xbox Showcase,” they claimed. “I don’t know if this title will be at the showcase. So it is good to keep expectations low right now.”

Final Fantasy 9, which is rumoured to be released on multiple platforms for its remake, is said to be one of the best entries in the Final Fantasy series. Despite first being released over 20 years ago, its fanbase is still eager to see this rumoured remake come to fruition.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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