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Final Fantasy 9 remake teased ahead of official reveal

Final Fantasy 9 remake teased ahead of official reveal

It might be really happening, folks!

We’ve got some brilliant news for Final Fantasy fans: a Final Fantasy IX is reportedly in the works and has been teased.

The bad news? Well, that’s the only remake you’re getting. At least for now.

Speculation that a remake of Final Fantasy IX has been around for several months now, especially after Square Enix itself hinted as much.

It seems apt to revisit the glory of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer

However, official confirmation hasn’t appeared.

This still isn’t official by any means, but given that this teaser comes from a reliable leaker, known for hitting the mark more often than not, it strengthens previous rumours.

When asked if there were any remakes currently being made by Square Enix, said leaker, Midori, responded, “Yes. But there is not a FFX remake title in development.”

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that FFIX is on the horizon; think again. After another fan asked if the remake was “real”, Midori said, “This is correct information.”

Curiosity then ignited amongst fans as they asked about the progression of the game, specifically whether it will favour action like the Final Fantasy VII remakes or be more traditionally turn-based.

“I’m very excited about this!” posted Twitter user EastCoastTone47. “I just hope they don’t try to turn it into an action RPG. We already FFXVI and FFVII remakes to scratch that itch for the people who want it. I think a new turn-based FF is long overdue.”

Of course, there are also fans who are just so gosh darn happy that a remake is being made (assuming Midori is bang on the money again).

FFIX is my most favourite game ever. It must be multiplatform, the more the merrier!” commented crystallisz.

There are a lot of features fans want from this remake, however, until Square Enix reveals the remake itself, we must be cautious.

As difficult as that this given who the leaker behind this tease is.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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