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Far Cry 7 sounds like the fresh take we've been waiting for

Far Cry 7 sounds like the fresh take we've been waiting for

New Far Cry 7 news just dropped

New details on Far Cry 7 have leaked, providing more information on the plot, characters, and most importantly, the new setting.

Despite not officially existing, there’s more than enough evidence to suggest Ubisoft is working on another Far Cry game.

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While Assassin’s Creed is the biggest IP Ubisoft currently owns, a close-second would have to be its open-world survival shooter series, the last instalment of which was released back in 2021 to mixed reviews.

Now as far as Far Cry 7 goes, not much is known about the title, though recent findings suggest it’ll take a completely new approach to the series compared to the previous titles.

Previous games in the series generally took place somewhere remote or far away from any other form of civilisation like an island, but it seems the next entry will be set somewhere a bit more populated.

On the GamingLeaksAndRumours Reddit, user KekanKok shared leaked casting information for characters set to appear in the next game, with the name New England popping up frequently in their backstories.

The characters listed are either part of a New England family or an American conspiracy theorist, suggesting the next game will be set somewhere a little closer to home than a desert island, in the USA.

It also suggests the series will stick with its theme of destabilising a corrupt nation, though whether we’re fighting a rogue government or a dodgy monarchy clinging on to a far off colony remains to be seen.

If the leaks are true, it wouldn’t be the first Ubisoft project to see the downfall of a corrupt English empire, as Watch Dogs: Legion did the same thing in a dystopian London setting.

You can read all the details about the presumed characters and how they might fit into the wider story in the above Reddit post.

Ubisoft is yet to confirm the existence of Far Cry 7, though given all the leaks we’ve seen over the past few months it almost definitely exists.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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