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Far Cry 4 Enhanced is an impressive remaster you can download now

Far Cry 4 Enhanced is an impressive remaster you can download now

This download is a far cry from the original

The discussion over which Far Cry entry is the best continues but for those who are fans of Far Cry 4, this impressive remaster is set to make the 2014 entry even better.

It has been ten years since Far Cry 4 was first released and by today’s graphical standards, that makes the FPS title practically ancient.

Check out another fan favourite, Far Cry 3 in the trailer below!

However, one creator has developed Far Cry 4 Enhanced, “the world’s first FC4 mod that incorporates many changes and additions to enhance your Far Cry experience.”

Created by JRavens on Nexus Mods, there are multiple changes and fixes aimed at improving many aspects of the game including less eagle attacks (hallelujah), new additional keyboard commands, crisper moon, stars and weapon textures and even the ability to skip the intro which Ubisoft has reportedly tried to patch out multiple times.

The additional keyboard commands allow players to change their reload settings as well as the ability to manually heal/craft syringes and cycle between special arrows for the bow. Additionally, there is now a keyboard shortcut to bring up the skill page, inventory, journey and progress page.

As well as a casual version of the mod, players can also download regular and hardcore modes with the latter designed to make Far Cry 4 a lot more challenging.

This includes enemies doing equal damage to you, body armour not protecting you against animal attacks, levelling up taking longer and items costing 3x more than usual to name just a few.

All of these modes are free to download for players who own Far Cry 4 on the PC.

In related news, Far Cry 7’s title and setting have recently been teased by an insider which may mean we don’t have much longer to wait for the highly-anticipated sequel.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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