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Far Cry 4: Redux is the remaster we didn’t know we needed

Far Cry 4: Redux is the remaster we didn’t know we needed

Far Cry 4: Redux is the remaster we didn’t know we needed

Although not considered one of the best in the series, Far Cry 4 was quite the enjoyable gaming experience and is often praised for its badass villain and immersive world. However, with the game now appropriately aged, one modder has created an expansive remaster we never even knew we needed.

Released back in 2014, Far Cry 4 was the fourth major instalment in the long-running Far Cry series and told the story of protagonist Ajay Ghale as he went up against the formidable Pagan Min in a fictional Himalayan village.

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With quite an impressive fanbase, you can expect that many players would be tempted to revisit the action-adventure game and luckily for them, Far Cry 4: Redux has them covered for content.

Created by modder BigTinz, Redux is a new overhaul mod for Far Cry 4 which focuses both on immersion and an overall improvement to the game’s graphics and gameplay. As well as simple tweaks such as disabling lens flare and cleaning up the UI to get rid of unwanted icons, the mod also includes a variety of brand-new features aimed to clean up any annoying controls.

This includes the ability to manually reload and holster your weapons, jump higher and walk slower and access all unlockable weapons at the start (albeit at a price). Players can also access the full map from the start instead of having to liberate towers to clear any fog which is always useful if you are searching for certain supplies.

Guns also have more attachments and a higher FOV when aiming down-sights while some weapons have been adapted into sidearms. Additionally, they will do more damage and have increased range.

All this and more is available courtesy of the Far Cry 4: Redux mod which is available to download and add to your game for free now.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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