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Fallout meets The Last Of Us in new free game you can download right now

Fallout meets The Last Of Us in new free game you can download right now

Fallout collides with The Last Of Us in a new game you can play free now

If you're the sort of person that likes to follow video game news, I imagine you know all about the sorry saga of The Day Before.

The Day Before was originally billed as a kind of open-world version of The Last Of Us, but ended up being so bad that it led to thousands of negative reviews and the destruction of an entire studio. Not a terribly successful launch, in other words.

Take a look at the announcement trailer for The Day Before below. No, it did not end up looking anything like this.

Incredibly, mere weeks after The Day Before was scrubbed from Steam, one solo developer has released their own attempt at a similar style of game - and it's free. Yep, a free game heavily inspired by The Last Of Us and Fallout. Absolutely worth a look, if you ask me.

As spotted by DSO Gaming, The Day Of Survival is an incredibly impressive solo effort from xHARDHeMPuS. They explain in a lengthy gameplay video that this project has been in development for five years, but now they're ready to share it with the world.

There's no story or multiplayer to speak of, and the free download is fairly bare bones. You explore a large open-world environment and complete a series of quests by gathering resources and fighting enemies. There are some rough edges, for sure, but that this is the work of one dedicated developer is nothing short of remarkable.

There are some gorgeous effects and impressive character animations, and the combat looks unbelievably well fleshed-out. Frankly, it puts The Day Before to shame, which is not something I thought was even possible given how quickly that game bombed.

If you'd like to check out The Day Of Survival for yourself, you can pick it up via this link.

Featured Image Credit: xHARDHeMPuS

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