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Fallout surprise announcement confirms stunning new release arriving this year

Fallout surprise announcement confirms stunning new release arriving this year

Fallout fans can get their hands on a stunning 1:1 replica Pip-Boy.

Fallout fans, have you ever dreamt about owning your own Pip-Boy? You’ll soon be able to as Bethesda has finally brought this iconic device to life.

While Fallout 5 may be a long way off, we are just mere weeks away from the premiere of Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV adaptation.

Set to premiere on 11 April, the show’s final trailer recently landed - giving us a more in-depth glimpse at Vault 33 and its inhabitants.

One of the series’ showrunners, Jonathan Nolan, recently described the programme as “almost like Fallout 5” but a “non-interactive version” given that the show offers fans a brand new story.

In fact, on the topic of Fallout 5, Todd Howard reportedly had to ask Nolan and co-showrunner Lisa Joy to cut some plot points given that they do actually appear in the real Fallout 5.

I digress though. It’s the Pip-Boy that you’re here to learn more about.

Take a look at Fallout’s latest trailer below ahead of the show’s premiere on 11 April.

The purchasable Pip-Boy is a 1:1 replica of the design you’ll soon see in the Fallout TV show - and you can pre-order it now from Bethesda’s online store.

The item is expected to ship in November and is limited to one per customer.

I should add that it boasts a pretty hefty price tag, setting you back $199. Then again, would you expect any less for such a unique piece of merchandise?

“Created using the TV show geometry and made in a mix of die-cast metal and injection moulded ABS, the Pip-Boy has a functioning TFT LCD screen showing in-universe animations and is also a working timepiece with an in-universe alarm clock function – ideal for when it is sitting neatly on its perfectly-formed display stand,” the description reads.

Each Pip-Boy has been “individually distressed by hand” resulting in what Bethesda refers to as “the most accurate replica of this iconic wrist worn ‘Personal Information Processor’ - Pip-Boy ever made.”

There are a range of animated screens that owners will be able to view which you can authentically access via the control dial on the side of the casing.

The Pip-Boy has a working clock mode if you want to don the coolest watch ever or use it as a cosplay piece.

Alternatively, the Pip-Boy comes with a snazzy stand for those who wish to simply display the piece.

If you place the stand near your bed, you can also make use of an in-universe accurate alarm.

I’m imagining this very cool release is going to be pretty sought after so do get your order in if you’re interested.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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