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Fallout-inspired open-world shooter Ashfall looks incredible

Fallout-inspired open-world shooter Ashfall looks incredible

This upcoming Fallout-inspired open-world MMORPG Ashfall looks quite incredible.

This upcoming Fallout-inspired open-world MMORPG Ashfall looks quite incredible.

Developed by Legendary Star Studio and published by NetEase, the upcoming Ashfall looks to be a game that should be on the list of every fan of the RPG genre.

As soon as the new trailer begins, the comparison to the Fallout series is quite plain to see. However, what perhaps sets this apart from the Bethesda franchise, is that Ashfall looks to have solid shooter mechanics. Not to say that Fallout doesn't have decent shooting mechanics, it’s just not all that great, in my opinion.

As reported by DSOgaming, the Ashfall trailer is very cinematic, offering a mixture of gameplay and an enticing soundtrack produced by Oscar-winning composer, Hans Zimmer. To add to the Fallout comparisons, Zimmer is also joined by the music producer of the Fallout series, Inon Zur.

We also hear a creepy lady providing an inspiring speech to set us on our way into the big wide world. The world itself also looks to be a major factor in Ashfall with vast terrains from deserts, dense forests, abandoned towns with mutated monsters and a dynamic weather system.

Ashall will also feature character customisation and a levelling-up system. The MMORPG will also not only support multiplayer co-op, but it will also accommodate those that choose to go solo.

The Ashfall release window is currently scheduled for Q3 2023 and a beta is planned for this coming July. You can sign up for the beta via the official Ashfall website. At this time, the trailer only mentions PC and mobile platforms, but hopefully, it will come to consoles too.

In (kinda) related news, the ghouls have been teased for the upcoming Fallout live-action TV show from Amazon and they look fantastic. While there is currently no Fallout TV show release date, it is expected to launch in late 2023 or early 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Legendary Star Studio/NetEase

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