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Fallout 3 player follows companions home after dismissing them, has a wild adventure

Fallout 3 player follows companions home after dismissing them, has a wild adventure

One YouTuber has found out so we don't have to

We have all sent our companions away without much thought when playing a RPG. Although we expect them to poof into thin air and appear back at base, we never really know exactly what they do.

Luckily for us, we now know as video game experimenter, Any Austin, has taken the time out to follow these companions when they are sent away and what happens next may just surprise you.

Check out the Fallout 3 trailer below!

In a video titled, ‘How Do Fallout’s NPCs Get Home?’, Any Austin attempts to find out what actually happens to NPCs such as Dogmeat when they are sent back home.

Dogmeat, for example, when sent back to Vault 101 will indeed head in that direction and will get there… eventually. However, he will stop to kill every enemy along the way and will take real-time hours as he strolls through the wastelands.

Additionally, Any Austin also followed the NPC captives of the super mutants as they were released and ran off into the distance. Whereas some disappeared into some nearby buildings, others kept walking until disaster struck and they turned into a pile of goo.

The YouTuber’s 15-minute video goes on to praise the level of detail in these Bethesda titles and how he appreciated the “real-life” habits of its NPCs even when players were not expected to pay attention to them. To him, their aimless wandering adds a whole new level of realism that should be appreciated.

Any Austin is no stranger to diving into some of our favourite games and discovering things we had never even thought about such as where did Fallout 3’s bombs actually hit and where do Skyrim’s rivers come from?

However, it also appears as though following NPCs isn’t uncommon for some players such as this one in the comments of Any Austin’s video.

“I did this once with NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077. There's so many people just walking the streets of Night City that I just had to follow a couple of them to see where they were going. Often it was nowhere, but one time I followed an NPC for like 10 minutes, and they walked into a building. It was exciting.”

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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