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The Elder Scrolls TV series could follow Fallout, says Bethesda boss

The Elder Scrolls TV series could follow Fallout, says Bethesda boss

Could explore Tamriel next?

The man, the myth, the legend, Todd Howard was recently asked on the red carpet for the new Fallout TV show if he would like to see The Elder Scrolls adapted for TV.

We would certainly like to see how such a vast universe could be brought to TV, given the many settings within the world of Tamriel, plus the extensive material we’ve seen through Elder Scrolls Online.

GAMINGbible sat down with the cast of Fallout for some fun and games in the wasteland

In an interview with GAMINGbible, Todd Howard mentioned that the Fallout TV Show, produced by Amazon Studios, was fifteen years in the making saying, “It was fifteen years ago I had my first conversation about this.”

He continued saying, “I think we have to be really thoughtful about, you know, finding the right partners, what does it mean for the franchise.”

Fallout is a very different beast to The Elder Scrolls. Fallout doesn’t rely on place and the lore within that place to sell its story. There are components that have to be checked off a list; the war, the wastelands, the vaults, but the franchise doesn’t rely on a sense of place.

With The Elder Scrolls, each game is set within a different part of Tamriel, how would they all link together? How would the series define the races within Skyrim, Daggerfall, and other regions?

Howard continued, “I definitely always thought that Fallout was the better universe to put to TV or movies, it’s more unique in what it has to say about its genre.”

You’d also have to consider how an Elder Scrolls TV show would fit within the current landscape of fantasy dramas such as Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Thankfully, Mr. Howard didn’t say it was a no, but it’s great to see him being tentative as The Elder Scrolls is such a well-loved series, Bethesda would hate to get it wrong.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Amazon Studios

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