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The Elder Scrolls 6 meets Final Fantasy in gorgeous new open world RPG

The Elder Scrolls 6 meets Final Fantasy in gorgeous new open world RPG

A new game feels like a combination of two great RPGs

Elven characters, humans with floppy hair, magic spells being cast left and right while a soldier swings an overly large sword. Chrono Odyssey is certainly channelling some Final Fantasy inspiration.

But then, later in the trailer, there's a huge spider to fight in what seems like a dungeon, and a hulking beast that feels like a boss fight intro, giving Elder Scrolls vibes.

There's definitely a hint of Elder Scrolls in Chrono Odyssey and that's never a bad thing

The game appears to be set in a land called Setera and you play a character who has power of space-time and can wield it for good. It's all about casting powerful spells and forging alliances between characters. "You may just yet conquer the lands you discover. There is no one way through this world

filled with opportunity born of the chaos of warping space-time."

This power is bestowed by an ancient artifact It holds the power to warp and

manipulate space-time to the holder’s will. "Though it has lost much of its original strength, it is still capable of twisting time and space to create effects irreplicable by even the world’s most powerful magic."

"Welcome to Setera. The adventure is yours to be had." says the blurb on the official website.

With a number of powerful creatures and humans, Chrono Odyssey definitely has a lot in common with a number of JRPGs, although the combat seems to be taking a lot from SoulsBorne games and action titles like Devil May Cry. Expect big hulking bosses, lots of parrying and staggering while focusing on dodging until opportunities to attack present themselves.

It's a visually arresting game with lots of stunning landscapes, dungeons brooding in low light and plenty wonderful monster design. It's sure to be a hit with lovers of RPGs, but fans of Elden Ring, Elder Scrolls, and Final Fantasy could be eating good here.

Featured Image Credit: Npixel

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