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Chrono Odyssey drops Unreal Engine trailer, looks truly next-gen

Chrono Odyssey drops Unreal Engine trailer, looks truly next-gen

Equal parts The Elder Scrolls and Elden Ring, Chrono Odyssey is an impressive upcoming action open-world MMORPG.

Yesterday, Epic Games hosted the State of Unreal showcase as a part of 2024’s Game Developers Conference, bringing us several exciting and impressive reveals.

It was arguably Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra that stole the show. Amy Hennig, best known for masterminding the early Uncharted entries, is behind the project in what is a team-up between Skydance New Media and Marvel Games.

Team-up is an apt phrase to use because the game will see Captain America and Black Panther unite to take down Hydra in an occupied World War II Paris.

The game is set to land in 2025 on console and PC with the latest trailer showcasing the wizardry that Epic Games is working up with Unreal Engine 5.

As exciting as Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra is though, we shouldn’t overlook Chrono Odyssey which also received a brand new trailer - one that truly looks next-gen.

Take a look at the brand new State of Unreal trailer for Chrono Odyssey below.

Offering up a dark fantasy world that is equal parts The Elder Scrolls and Elden Ring, Chrono Odyssey is an upcoming action open-world MMORPG.

Outside of the trailer, details on Chrono Odyssey are a tad thin on the ground, but it’s clear that we can expect to face off against massive beasts, engage in deadly blood-soaked battles, and explore a vast world.

Chrono Odyssey, a next-generation action MMORPG. Game features include awe-inspiring visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5, a vast and intricately designed seamless open world, dynamic action-based combat mechanics based on time manipulation and extensive customisation,” reads the vague synopsis.

Developed by Chrono Studio and set to be published by Kakao Games, Chrono Odyssey’s is exactly the kind of thing that springs to mind when you think of the phrase ‘next-gen’.

The game is set to land on both PC and console with details to “be revealed in the future”. While we know that includes both Xbox and PlayStation, it’s yet to be seen whether Chrono Odyssey will be exclusive to current-gen consoles.

Featured Image Credit: Kakao Games

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