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The Elder Scrolls free download available now for PlayStation and Xbox gamers

The Elder Scrolls free download available now for PlayStation and Xbox gamers

The Elder Scrolls fans on PlayStation and Xbox can now download the Endless Archive expansion for free.

Gather around, The Elder Scrolls fans. The Elder Scrolls Online: Endless Archive is now available to download on PlayStation and Xbox consoles - and yes, it’s totally free.

It’s likely going to be a while before we get an update on The Elder Scrolls VI. While Starfield may now be out in the world, devs at Bethesda are busy supporting the game. We already know that the Shattered Space expansion is on the way, plus a number of quality-of-life updates are being worked on including the introduction of city maps. You can get your Elder Scrolls fix in The Elder Scrolls Online though, and the new enormous Endless Archive expansion has just landed on PlayStation and Xbox. It’s great news because the expansion is totally free to all players.

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Marking the 40th update, Endless Archive is essentially a horde mode. Players will be granted the opportunity to explore the infinite and ever-changing Hermaeus Mora library. Here, players will encounter hordes of enemies in a challenging PvE mode. It’s structured like a rogue-like, so you should expect to experience a different kind of structure everytime you play.

Alongside the new mode, the update also includes the addition of a Group and Activity Finder tool, and changes to crafting - including new Grandmaster Crafting Stations. Through the Endless Archive mode, you’ll be able to unlock “one-of-a-kind collectibles” plus “all-new Class Set items”. Additionally, you don’t have to face the expansion’s hordes solo. You can recruit a friend.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to have The Elder Scrolls Online in your library in order to nab the expansion for free. Seeing as “no two expeditions are the same”, this expansion should keep you entertained for weeks to come. It should ease our woes in waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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