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This Elden Ring and Studio Ghibli crossover is what dreams are made of

This Elden Ring and Studio Ghibli crossover is what dreams are made of

One talented fan has imagined what it would be like if Elden Ring was created by Studio Ghibli.

This Elden Ring and Studio Ghibli crossover is what dreams are totally made of - and now I want a full Ghibli Elden Ring film. Please?

If you're unaware, Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio famous for its delightful feature-length films. Let’s put it this way, to say that the Ghibli art style is beautiful, would be an understatement. Some of the most beloved Ghibli animated movies include the likes of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, Spirited Away, and Grave of the Fireflies to name but a few. Up until this point, one might assume that the iconic Ghibli art style couldn't get any more stunning. However, we would be wrong.

Take a look at this cool live action Elden Ring trailer below.

As reported by GGRecon, a very talented artist has created an Elden Ring and Studio Ghibli crossover - and wow. “I’ve been drawing scenes and characters from Elden Ring reimagined as Ghibli movies and I thought y’all might enjoy! What should I do next?” asks Reddit user Expensive-Peak2470.

Some of the incredible pieces of an artwork include Ranni the Witch, a Tarnished which looks to be located in the beautiful location of Siofra River, and finally, Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

To no surprise whatsoever, the thread of the Reddit post was full of praise and requests for what wonders the artist could work on next. “Excellent work! How about Melina at a Site of Grace offering to turn your runes into strength?" requested ListenToBusiness. What’s more, Expensive-Peak2470 replied in kind saying, “I love that idea! Melina was definitely high up on the list, I love the ER gals so much.”

“God, an entire Elden Ring anime like Princess Mononoke would be insane. Great work!” exclaimed Doc-Dan-Medicine-Man. Reddit user Chewbones9 said that they would love to see a Bloodborne crossover: “I think even Bloodborne would look good in the Ghibli style! No-Face from Spirited Away kinda feels like a Bloodborne boss.”

Can you imagine a Ghibli-inspired Bloodborne and Elden Ring animated movie? That would be incredible. Actually, scratch that, can we just go through the entire FromSoftware back-catalogue, please? What would you like to see Expensive-Peak2470 work on next? Hopefully one day, Studio Ghibli will finally make its own video game. Fingers crossed.

In related Elden Ring news, FromSoftware has just announced the first major piece of DLC taking us back to the Lands Between in Shadows of the Erdtree.

Featured Image Credit: Expensive-Peak2470 via Reddit, Bandai Namco

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