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Massive 'Elden Ring' Patch Just Nerfed The Game's Best Weapon

Massive 'Elden Ring' Patch Just Nerfed The Game's Best Weapon

This is why FromSoftware fans hate Patches

FromSoftware has released the first major patch for Elden Ring, and it's made an incredible number of changes big and small to the open-world adventure.

While most patches will typically tweak what's already in the game, FromSoftware has gone one step further and introduced a substantial amount of entirely new content. Elden Ring was already a massive game, but it now contains extra NPCs, music, and even content for some of the game's side quests.

Take a look at some of the best Elden Ring wins and fails below!

You can take a look through the full list of new content here, but the highlights include a new NPC called Jar-Bairn, and the ability to summon certain NPCs in scenarios where they couldn't previously be summoned. Quests involving Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight and Gatekeeper Gostoc have also been updated to include new phases.

Perhaps most useful of all, however, is the new ability to keep track of the game's many strange NPCs on your map by jotting down their exact name and location. No longer will you have to travel between various Sites of Grace until you find that funny little man with the white mask.

But while there are plenty of changes to be excited about, Elden Ring's latest patch has still found a way to extract a heavy toll. The Sword Of Night And Flame, regarded by many players as the best weapon in the game, has been nerfed.

The Sword Of Night And Flame is an incredibly powerful sword that comes with two built in spells. The first is a long-range fiery slash that can mow down any enemies silly enough to be stood near it. The second is a laser-focused beam that can cause massive damage. With modest Intelligence, Faith, and Strength requirements to wield, it's become one of the most popular weapons in the game for those who want to become OP early.

Alas, that gravy train has pulled into the station. As per the patch notes, we have confirmation of "decreased weapon skill, Sword Of Night And Flame’s damage."

At this stage it remains unclear how much of a hit the magic blade has taken. But given that it's the only weapon that appears to have been nerfed, we can assume FromSoftware realised just how many of us were using it to obliterate bosses. It was fun while it lasted.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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