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'Elden Ring' Mod Sees Malenia Destroy The Other Bosses In Super Satisfying Display

'Elden Ring' Mod Sees Malenia Destroy The Other Bosses In Super Satisfying Display

One YouTuber has put Elden Ring's hardest boss up against the other toughest enemies in the game

I don’t think there’s a single person out there who can call Elden Ring an easy game. The braver and more skilled amongst us might be able to get by with a bit less frustration, but let’s face it, anyone who says that it’s not difficult at all is just lying. You can’t tell me that there’s not a single boss in the game that’s had you attempting the fight multiple times over before you finally clawed your way to victory. We’ve all been there.

Perhaps no enemy has claimed more victims than Malenia - the iconic red-headed, sword-wielding menace who we can only be thankful is an optional fight. When you don’t have the power of the legendary ‘Let me solo her’ at your side, she’s widely considered to have the toughest boss in the entire game. Her sheer strength becomes even more apparent though when you throw her into the game’s other difficult fights, though - she’s almost completely unstoppable. 

Check out Malenia tearing through some of Elden Ring’s hardest bosses right here.

This satisfying display comes courtesy of YouTuber Garden of Eyes, who coincidentally previously made a mod that allows you to summon an AI version of Malenia’s greatest enemy, Let me solo her. This new mod allows you to sit back and spectate as she destroys the competition, making some of her opponents’ health bars deplete scarily fast.

As you can see, most of the time, it’s no contest at all - most bosses don’t even manage to get past her first phase. That said, some actually do - she definitely has her weaknesses (long-range attacks being one of them).

It also goes to show just how much harder the game’s bosses get as you progress - even though Margit feels like a big bad boss when you take him on, you can see he’s sliced down effortlessly in comparison to later enemies like Fire Giant. And, as someone who’s only 10 hours into the game, I can now say I’m sufficiently terrified of what’s to come, thanks.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware, Bandai Namco

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