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Elden Ring update quietly makes one massive change we've been dying to see

Elden Ring update quietly makes one massive change we've been dying to see

It's a small change, but a very welcome one

When games get updated or patched we’re usually looking for the big changes that will overhaul or revolutionise a the experience.

With the release of the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, we’re all so focused on the new classes, the shiny new weapons we can use, and of course, the extended lore. But what about the little things?

It's a matter of weeks until we finally get our hands on the Elden Ring DLC

Well, it’s been noted by players of the preview build that one change has occurred that players have been wanting for a while, but some may even miss it.

It turns out that the Bandai Namco screen, which displays the publishers logo has been changed. It now has a dark background, rather than bright white.

As Iron Pineapple comments on Twitter, “I forgot to mention the biggest change with the Elden Ring DLC. They changed the background color of the Bandai Namco logo so you don’t get flashbanged when launching the game anymore.”

This news made it to Reddit and players are thrilled. Finally we can play in a darkened room and not be blinded by the logo dump at the start.

One Redditor praised this news saying, “Iron Pineapple knows what the people really need to hear.” While another said, “I'm so glad we're getting quality of life changes along with all the new DLC content”

There’s always space for a little humour in these moments as u/raghul86 comments, “I'll believe it when I see it, with my not bleeding eyes.” This was joined by a reply saying, “I could swear that logo has progressively ruined my vision over the past year.”

It’s a big quality of life change for many, even if it’s such a small detail. I know that it will help me while playing in bed at night on my Steam Deck. It won’t feel like lighting a flare at 11pm.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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