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Elden Ring: The Garden Of Eyes is basically a whole-ass sequel

Elden Ring: The Garden Of Eyes is basically a whole-ass sequel

Elden Ring: The Garden Of Eyes is basically a whole-ass sequel

With no release date yet for the arrival of Elden Ring’s first DLC Shadow of the Erdtree, fans are desperate for more content from the 2022 action RPG. Luckily for them, Elden Ring: The Garden of Eyes is the perfect thing to fill the void.

2022’s Game of the Year award winner Elden Ring was hailed as a masterpiece and for good reason. However, with no signs of its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, it is turning to modders to give fans the extra content they crave. Since its first teaser last year, the mod has garnered a bit of attention for its dedication to bringing players new gameplay features, new stories for each class, new armour and weapons and even new areas to explore. Additionally, lore fans will be excited to hear that the update will also explore the lore of the Lands Between.

Check out the Elden Ring launch trailer below!

In an interview with Game Rant, the lead designer of The Garden of Eyes spoke about their most ambitious feature yet: a class-based progression system and dynamic difficulty. With the mod installed, players will find themselves starting in different areas of the map based on their selected class. Additionally, the difficulty of the map will also be scaled to match their choices. This will bring huge replay value to the game as your experience will change drastically based on your class choice. Last but not least, each class will have their very own backstory.

“One of our main goals is to create a story for each class. During your playthrough, you will have a special memory section for that specific class where you will visit new areas and fight certain bosses that are specific to that class,” the lead designer explained. “This memory-based story allows us to revisit old events that happened in Elden Ring, and pay homage to things that may have been alluded to in the base game but not featured.”

There will also be the addition of a brand-new boss known as Creta, the Fallen Crucible Knight which will be the perfect opportunity to try out your new weapons. “As we worked, we were thinking, hey, we’re adding armour, we’re adding bosses, we’re adding new systems. But you’re still playing the same old Elden Ring at the end of the day,” they continued. “How can we take progression to another level? So we looked at the classes, and decided to give each class their own progression path, with a unique starting location.'”

The Elden Ring Mod Overhaul is available to download via the official Patreon page which you can access for £4.50 per month.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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