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'Elden Ring' Update Mercifully Nerfs Group Bosses

'Elden Ring' Update Mercifully Nerfs Group Bosses

Praise the two fingers!

Since Elden Ring launched three months ago, developer FromSoftware has released various updates that adjust the power and effectiveness of certain bosses, builds, and weapons.

This has, to say the least, been quite frustrating for players. It's not usual for a predominately single-player game to make quite this many changes this frequently, and there have already been plenty of seriously controversial nerfs and buffs that have split the community down the middle.

Unsurprisingly, the game's latest update has made yet more changes to some of the bosses hidden throughout The Lands Between. But this time, it's highly unlikely that many players will lament what's been lost.

FromSoftware veterans will be aware that one of the developers absolute worst habits, especially towards the end of its games, is to simply increase the difficulty of some bosses by locking you in a room with more than one of them. Elden Ring is no different, with encounters like The Godskin Duo feeling overwhelmingly difficult in a completely artificial way.

These fights become less about carefully considered dodges, attacks, and parries, and more about how quickly you can wail on one of the bosses before its mate lunges across the room and beats you into a corner.

The good news? FromSoftware appears to have quietly nerfed all fights involving more than one enemy. Pause reading here to thank whatever god you might worship.

While FromSoftware hasn't actively spoken about this, streamer Illusory Wall (via VG247) has explained some of the differences they've found in fighting multiple bosses since the 1.04 update. As you can see in the video below (or via this link), the changes are actually pretty substantial.

The biggest change appears to be that "group bosses" are now less aggressive, meaning you have more breathing room to fight one without the other rudely stepping in while you're busy. It also appears that many of these encounters now have one primary attacker, which means you're less likely to get ganged up on immediately.

These are huge tweaks that should make these hugely irritating feel way more fair. While the update doesn't appear to have been applied to all of Elden Ring's group bosses, I'll take what I can get. But maybe after this no more nerfs, okay?

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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