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Terrifyingly OP 'Elden Ring' Build Takes Out Every Boss In One Hit

Terrifyingly OP 'Elden Ring' Build Takes Out Every Boss In One Hit

One streamer has managed to one-shot all of Elden Ring's main bosses, without cheats, in a spectacular display.

It’s been a few months now since the release of Elden Ring, and whether you’re one of the scarily talented Soulsborne players who’s already managed to blast through FromSoftware’s open-world titan multiple times over, or you’re on the other end of the scale like me, still cautiously adventuring through the Lands Between and trying your best not to die too much, there’s little doubt that we’re already looking at what’s very likely to be 2022’s game of the year.

One of the very best things about the game, as with any Soulsborne title, is the fact that players can make some super interesting builds to take down the many ridiculously powerful enemies in a whole host of ways. We’ve seen people craft super strong glass cannon builds, as well as cool ones that just make them look like Darth Maul, but perhaps none are as incredible as Twitch streamer BushyGames’ recent build, which he used to one-shot every main boss in the game. Yes, really.

Elden Ring's bosses are undeniably tough, but what would happen if you threw them into a fight to the death against each other? Take a look for yourself below.

In a YouTube video chronicling the journey of his aptly named Tarnished, One Punch Man, you can watch the whole thing play out in all its glory. As reported by Kotaku, Bushy had a couple of rules: he was only allowed to perform one attack per boss (or per phase, as some physically can’t be taken out completely in one hit because of that), and he had to avoid using the Comet Azur spell unless he really had to in order to complete the challenge. Beyond that, he could use any techniques or items he wanted to see it through.

The streamer made great use of buffs, and made sure to collect items like the Axe Talisman to increase his charged damage. Things really kicked off once he grabbed the Giant-Crusher hammer, though - after that, no boss was safe.

“The final boss Radagon and Elden Beast were the most difficult to one-shot and I even had to break my self-imposed rule of no Comet Azur to properly one-shot Elden Beast,” Bushy told Kotaku. “Some people commented that Comet Azur shouldn’t be considered a one-shot anyway since it is a series of hits rather than one instance of damage, but I disagree. The analogy that I give is a shotgun, it fires one shot but hits multiple times.”

Overall, the whole challenge (including the testing and the completed run itself) took around 25 hours to complete: “It was a fun run with lots of problem-solving, and I’m very surprised it was even possible in the first place,” Bushy said to Kotaku.

So, if any of the main bosses in Elden Ring were giving you trouble, go take some notes - blasting them out of the plane of existence is certainly one way of dealing with things. 

Featured Image Credit: TV Tokyo/Crunchyroll, Bandai Namco

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