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'Dying Light 2' Already Looks Loads Better Thanks To Modders

'Dying Light 2' Already Looks Loads Better Thanks To Modders

Dying Light 2 hasn't even been out two weeks yet, and modders are already putting in work to make it look better than ever.

How are we all finding Dying Light 2, then? It’s been out well over a week now, and in our review, we described it as “an expansive - if not entirely original - open-world playground that’s filled with epic action, pleasingly brutal combat, and some difficult choices.” 

For the most part, reception of the game has been pretty solid, but there’s always going to be critics. Namely, not everyone likes the way it looks, which I’m sure is the most shocking statement you’ve ever heard when it comes to fan-reaction towards a video game. Anyway, gamers are a self-sufficient bunch, and if the visuals were bothering you, one modder has already come up with a solution.

ICYMI... check out the trailer for Dying Light 2 below.

Posted on the game’s guides page on Steam, user Razed (u/rpg on Reddit) shared the Dying Light 2 Enhanced Mod, which they’ve described as “an experimental mod which aims to improve the overall visual quality of the game.” The improvements include an increased level of detail and draw distance for trees, an adjusted weather cycle which rains more often during night time, the addition of more shadows casted by lights, and an improved level of contrast and saturation. There are two versions of the mod, one with a higher draw distance, and one with an unaltered draw distance - you can download either (or both) completely free - find it here

The user also shared the mod over on r/pcgaming, where Reddit users have been thanking them for their service: “Wow that's like night and day, Techland should take note of this and add some of these options into the game. Good job,” wrote SuperMoonky. “Thank you for doing that[,] that’s really nice of you,” said FF4_still_holds_up.

In other Dying Light 2 news, yesterday saw the first (free) DLC pack become available for the game, although it’s admittedly a small one. Dubbed the Authority Pack, it’s a costume and weapon set. Strangely, while one part (namely the hoodie, sweats and trainers) released yesterday, the accessories aren’t available until tomorrow, and the weapon isn’t out while Friday. Keeping us in weird suspense, for some reason. Be sure to grab that when you can, anyway - don’t want to miss out on the weird car-part hammer. 

Featured Image Credit: Razed (via Steam)/ u/rpg (via Reddit), Techland

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