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'Dying Light 2' First DLC Expansion Is Free To Download Now

'Dying Light 2' First DLC Expansion Is Free To Download Now

Dying Light 2 has only just launched and already the first pack of DLC is ready to download.

Dying Light 2 has launched, and it's a big robust boy which developer Techland must be very proud of. The developers estimated that it would take completionists around 500 hours to check every nook and cranny, and a respectable 20 hours to finish the main story. Yet Techland wanted to ensure that players got value out of their game by promising five years of DLC and support post launch.

It seems to be working. Reviews were pretty good with our Ewan Moore praising its "Satisfyingly grisly combat, choices that genuinely matter, and a massive world that’s thrilling to explore and navigate." Not only that but within the launch weekend more people were playing Dying Light 2 than the first game ever saw. Now the first bunch of DLC has already launched and players can pick up the set in its entirety over the next few days.

Interested in Dying Light 2? Check out some gameplay in our video below.

The first pack is just a wee one to get your juices going. The Authority Pack is available to players on all platforms and when all three parts are put together is a complete costume and weapon set. The first bit released yesterday 14 February - just when you didn't think the day could get any more romantic. That's when the Peacekeeper themed hoodie, sweat pants, and high top trainers were released.

Tomorrow you can complete your look with the balaclava, bracers, and gloves. The final release on Friday lets you pick up the Peacekeeper weapon which is a two-handed "hammer", read: large part of a car attached to a pole. Put it all together and you will look like the zombie killing authoritarian menace you were born to be.

There will be more free DLC coming to Dying Light 2 next month with the first set of challenges players can take part in. 

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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