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Dying Light 2 DLC will make players 'sh*t their pants', says dev

Dying Light 2 DLC will make players 'sh*t their pants', says dev

Dying Light 2's upcoming content update will ramp up the horror-factor enough to make players sh*t their pants, the game's director claims.

Of all the games to release in 2022, Dying Light 2: Stay Human might have been one of the most underrated.

Despite releasing to positive reviews and some seriously impressive player stats, chatter about Dying Light 2 faded out into the background pretty fast, and I’m sure we all know why. Just weeks after it came out, we got hit with the one-two of Horizon Forbidden West quickly followed by Elden Ring, and basically every gamer was busy for months playing and talking about those.

Take a look at some of the greatest Easter eggs found in Dying Light 2 below.

Anyway, it could finally be time for Dying Light 2 to make a comeback, as a big update is on the horizon which the devs promise will be absolutely terrifying. In a new interview with TheGamer, game director director Tymon Smektała has teased that Techland will “pull out all the stops” to ramp up the horror-factor.

“Horror became a huge part of Dying Light’s DNA so we’ll keep it as a part of the experience moving forward,” Smektała told TheGamer. “Our next update, planned for early summer, is focused exactly on this - we’re ramping up our night experience, making it even scarier. We hope to create a tense experience that will make our players ‘sh*t their pants’. We plan to pull all the stops - gameplay mechanics, visual tricks, audio scares. Get ready!”

Well, colour me intrigued. As fun as it is, Dying Light 2’s base game doesn’t really have the same level of scariness as its predecessor, so it’ll be interesting to see what the devs come up with to spook us all. We don’t currently know exactly when the update is going to release, but “early summer” really isn’t far away at all - fingers crossed that we’ll hear more soon.

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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