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Disney Plus Removes One Of Its Biggest Films Without Warning

Disney Plus Removes One Of Its Biggest Films Without Warning

Oh no, it's Melanie. That's a shame; she was really nice.

One of the most popular movies on Disney+ has been pulled from the streaming service, in a very unceremonious manner, as subscribers had no warning that they'd soon be missing out.

While the success of competitors like Amazon Prime and Netflix has started to stutter, with both of these losing 589,000 and 800,000 customers respectively, Disney+ is prospering in comparison. With an impressive 152.1 million subscribers across the world resulting from a rise of 31% over the last year, Disney has seen an additional 14.4 million movieholics sign up for the service in the last fiscal quarter. The question of whether the streaming service will continue to go from strength to strength might be affected by its latest price hike and introduction of ads, as well as these sudden removals of beloved movies. It's disheartening for fans of Avatar that they will no longer be able to watch from the comfort of their own sofas but there's definitely a reason behind this move.

Check out the trailer for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora here!

Oh so coincidentally, the movie is getting a theatrical re-release in a few weeks time, featuring remastered picture and sound. Obviously, it's been nearly thirteen years since the release of the original movie so we're likely going to require a refresher on what happened on Pandora last time we were there. Therefore the short-term removal of Avatar from Disney+ is to encourage people to go to the cinema in September and defend its title as the highest-grossing movie in history.

Featured Image Credit: Marques Kaspbrak, Brandon Ong via UnSplash

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