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Deus Ex game cancelled by Embracer Group after 2 years in development

Deus Ex game cancelled by Embracer Group after 2 years in development

A new Deus Ex game has been cancelled by Embracer Group after 2 years in development amidst more layoffs.

During another heartbreaking month for the video game industry with mass-layoffs and cancellations, Deus Ex is next to be affected after news that the next entry has been axed.

It appears as though mass-layoffs and cancellations are showing no signs of slowing down for 2024 with the recent news that Embracer Group has not only cancelled the next Deus Ex game after two years in development but it has also reportedly laid off staff at Eidos-Montréal.

This news comes courtesy of Eidos-Montréal who took to Twitter to release a statement on its company layoffs.

"The global economic context, the challenges of our industry, and the comprehensive restructuring announced by Embracer have finally impacted our studio," said the studio. "The difficult decision has been made to let go 97 people from development teams, administration, and support services."

Although heartbreaking for the people affected, this news is perhaps no surprise as Embracer Group has been rapidly shutting down its studios in recent years after rumours suggest a $2 billion deal with Savvy Games Group had fallen through.

As a result, Embracer Group has shut down Volition which was responsible for developing Saints Row as well as Timesplitters developer Free Radical Design.

The company acquired Eidos-Montréal back in 2022 which subsequently gave it the rights to the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchises. Now thanks to a report by Bloomberg, we know that the upcoming Deus Ex project has been scrapped. As a result, any remaining workers at Eidos-Montréal will now turn their attention to an “original franchise” instead.

An anonymous source also revealed that the Deus Ex project was expected to enter full development later this year despite it not having been officially announced.

It remains to be seen what the “original franchise” will be but nevertheless, it is more sad news for the gaming industry.

Featured Image Credit: Eidos-Montréal

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