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'Detroit: Become Human - Tokyo Stories' Officially Announced

'Detroit: Become Human - Tokyo Stories' Officially Announced

Tokyo: Become Human

A new series set in the world of Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human has been announced, and it's not quite the sequel you might have expected.

For those that might not know, Detroit: Become Human takes place in the city of Detroit in the year 2026. The story follows the parallel journeys of three separate androids as they fight for autonomy and freedom in a world where they're expected to be nothing more than mindless slaves.

It's been some time since we left the characters of the divisive 2018 video game, but it seems Quantic Dream isn't quite finished with the world after all. In fact, we're going to be exploring an entirely new corner of this fascinating dystopian universe.

Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories is a brand-new manga which, as the name suggests, is set entirely in Tokyo. While you might well be asking why they didn't just call it Tokyo: Become Human, Kotaku observes this title was already used for an extended story trailer released for Detroit: Become Human back in 2018.

Fans of the game may be a little upset to learn that Tokyo Stories won't follow the characters from the game. Instead, it'll focus on a single protagonist called Reina, an android pop sensation.

In the world of Detroit: Become Human, androids aren't restricted to labour in Japan. However, things soon take a turn towards another android revolution as more and more Japanese bots begin to replace humans in the workforce.

The manga is being written by Saruwatari Kazami, Moto Sumida on art duties. Quantic Dream will oversee the story, presumably to ensure it stays true to the world it created.

"Detroit: Become Human is one of my favorite games I’ve ever played," Sumida wrote in a tweet. "I’m glad to be involved [in] this. This comic would be a story about how androids are in Japan while the story goes on in Detroit. I hope you enjoy this."

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