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Detective Pikachu is finally getting a sequel, says insider

Detective Pikachu is finally getting a sequel, says insider

Detective Pikachu 2, which was announced in 2019, is apparently in "active development".

Long, long ago (2016, to be exact), The Pokémon Company released arguably its strangest spinoff title to date - Detective Pikachu for the 3DS.

It didn’t release worldwide until 2018, and thanks to the 3DS basically being on life support at that point (since the Switch had been out for a full year already), it never reached the level of popularity that most Pokémon games do. Despite that though, it got a very successful movie adaptation in 2019 (The Last of Us wasn’t the first adaptation to get it right, that’s for sure), and sequels to both the movie and game were announced.

Speaking of The Last of Us, take a look at what’s coming up next on the show below.

However, since those announcements, basically nothing else has been said about either of the projects. So long has passed that some have wondered if they could have been scrapped altogether, but as Polygon reports, that apparently isn’t the case - at least, for the movie.

Reportedly, a representative for Legendary Entertainment has stated that the movie sequel is still “in active development”, but they didn’t confirm who's making it. Polygon states that The Pokémon Company declined to comment when asked if it was involved.

Mysterious, but at least it’s apparently still out there, somewhere. The mix of live action and CGI was one that could have gone really poorly in the original film (the cursed first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog proved that), but in reality, it was pulled off so well. And Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu?! Come on, that was incredible.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we hear something about the game sequel, too - it’s set to release on Switch, but that’s basically all we know about it. It’s not the only Pokémon project that’s seemingly fallen by the wayside - whatever happened to Pokémon Sleep? What even IS Pokémon Sleep?! We need answers.

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