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Destiny 2 fans receive first look at Keith David as Commander Zavala, following Lance Reddick's passing

Destiny 2 fans receive first look at Keith David as Commander Zavala, following Lance Reddick's passing

The new voice actor for Commander Zavala in Destiny 2 has been revealed

Destiny 2 is currently showing off key elements of what to expect from the upcoming expansion Destiny 2: The Final Shape with a series of short documentaries about the making of the game itself. Within these documentaries, the very first scenes featuring the new actor for Commander Zavala have been revealed.

As shown in the documentary itself, Keith David will be voicing Commander Zavala. He brings a very different cadence to Zavala, though he still feels like he fits perfectly into the role.

Take a look at Destiny 2 in action below.

The original voice actor for Commander Zavala, Lance Reddick, sadly passed away last March. Reddick, who was sixty years old at the time of his passing, is best known for roles in The Wire, John Wick, Fringe, Bosch and of course by Destiny fans as being the voice of Zavala himself.

It's a big ask, replacing Reddick, especially since not only was Reddick with the series since the day it launched, but he also engaged constantly with fans of the series, and would answer questions on social media that fans had, even when he himself wasn't actively working on the game or recording new material for the game itself. He became a shining beacon for fans of the series, and one that they often gravitated towards when it came to online interactions. He was also playing Destiny 2 the night before he passed away, sadly, meaning that the game was a large part of his life.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape launches early next month, after being delayed from February following a series of layoffs that happened at developer Bungie. It's being treated as the end of the first major arc of Destiny as a franchise, concluding what is being dubbed as the 'Light and Darkness' saga.

Featured Image Credit: Bungie

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