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Dead Space remake is 'too f***ing scary' to play at night, says developer

Dead Space remake is 'too f***ing scary' to play at night, says developer

Dead Space's realism and atmosphere make it too scary to play at night with headphones in, its technical director said.

The release of the Dead Space remake is right around the corner, and fans can prepare to run on exactly no sleep from launch, because it’s even too scary for the devs.

Dead Space (2023) is a game that I’m glad exists for the fans, but I can’t imagine I’ll ever have the guts to attempt tackling it. As reported by GamesRadar+, in an interview with PLAY magazine, technical director David Robillard revealed that it’s too much for him to play it at night with his headphones on, and I don’t blame him in the slightest.

Take a look at the trailer for Dead Space (2023) below.

“When I'm playing it at night, I can't play it with headphones. It's just too f***ing scary,” he said. “Just the amount of realism and, again, atmosphere. Not just visually, right? In the way we handle sound, ambience, effects, having systems that will try to spook you. These things, you know, could have been done [on PS4], but not to the level we're doing them today. And they really add a lot to this sort of genre and make the whole kind of experience come together even more.”

As Robillard mentioned, the game unfortunately isn’t coming to previous-gen consoles, which is bad news both for those who haven’t managed to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S yet, and also players who want to avoid the extra immersive features of the new-gen consoles. If you’re playing this thing, you’re going to have nightmares, basically.

In other Dead Space news, legendary film director John Carpenter recently stated that he believes a Dead Space movie is in the works, albeit with a different director at its helm. On the huge slate of video game to screen adaptations in the works, this isn’t a project that’s been officially confirmed, but it’d definitely be exciting to see it happen.

Dead Space (2023) releases on 27 January, so there’s just over a week to go until some very sleepless nights.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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