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'Days Gone' Movie Reportedly Casts Deacon St John

'Days Gone' Movie Reportedly Casts Deacon St John

It'll be a "love ballad to motorcycle movies."

Days Gone? More like, Days Not Quite Over Yet. Even though the idea of a sequel to the successful apocalyptic action game was canned, it looks like the game will hit the silver screen.

Director Jeff Ross said that Sony had considered Days Gone a commercial and critical disappointment as reviews were mixed on the story and mission structures and that it had sold only eight million copies in 18 months since its launch. Strangely enough, Sony said Ghost of Tsushima was a smash hit from Sucker Punch Productions in spite of the fact that Days Gone surpassed the eight million sales mark in the same window of time as the historical stealth game. Of course, Ghost of Tsushima was received warmly, but that still doesn't disregard the hordes of fans who were hankering for a second installment of Deacon St John's story.

Check out the trailer for Days Gone here with the new features like unlocked frame rates and bonus bike skins for PC players!

While the probability of Days Gone 2 is low, a report from Deadline seems to suggest that Sony's performing a smidgeon of necromancy on the IP. Just a teeny tiny bit of dark sorcery.

Sony PlayStation Productions is apparently working on a cinematic adaptation of Days Gone with screenwriter Sheldon Turner (X-Men: First Class, Up in the Air, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) signed on. The mood is "love ballad to motorcycle movies" with hints of a "modern-day western." And, Outlander‘s Sam Heughan is playing Deacon. If you don't know who that is, ask your girlfriend.

At the moment, this scoop has not been acknowledged by Sony so we'll proceed with caution. However, this could be the good news that Days Gone fans have been holding out for.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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