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Dark Souls: Redemption official reveal is a hit with fans

Dark Souls: Redemption official reveal is a hit with fans

Dark Souls fan rejoice

A new, original Dark Souls story has been announced, and if you’re a fan of the lore, you won’t want to miss it.

The story of Dark Souls is pretty convoluted, with most needing a bloody degree to understand the basic history of the world it takes place in.

The same can be said for Elden Ring, which is to be expanded in a HUGE way with Shadow Of The Erdtree, releasing later this week.

However, while FromSoftware has made an art out of confusing its players, there are writers out there who aim to tell a more traditional tale through novels, with a new one called Dark Souls: Redemption on the horizon.

“Doomed by a past long forgotten, resolved to save what she once held dear. The flame is lit. A nameless woman wakes," the synopsis begins.

"Roused from the tomb by a past she can't recall, she sets out in the barren, unfamiliar landscapes. The protector follows. Bound by oath and honor, he safeguards her against the dangers that draw near with the same ferocity he does the secrets of his past. The Gray Cinders gather in their tower, called by the fire to complete their solemn duty. A colossus, incarnate of death, stirs with the bones beneath the scarred grounds. And a nightmare- scourge of a bygone era- returns to exact its toll. The fate of this land hands in the balance, as their journey unfolds in this original Dark Souls story.”

Fans of the series were excited by the announcement, with one saying it “brings back memories” of Dark Souls' heyday and “how many times my character died in eight minutes”.

Another followed up with, “Omg?! what a nice surprise,” whilst one fan vowed that they’d get the novel on “DAY ONE”.

Dark Souls: Redemption will release 27 August later this year and will make a great addition to the collection of Dark Souls lore aficionados.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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