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Dark Souls looks absolutely glorious in Unreal Engine 5

Dark Souls looks absolutely glorious in Unreal Engine 5

One fan has reimagined Dark Souls in Unreal Engine 5, and we're going to need a real remake now.

If you’re ever craving a challenge, Dark Souls is still an incredible game to go back to, even though almost 12 years have passed since its release.

While the first game in FromSoftware’s iconic lineup of Soulsborne games received a remastered version on PS4, Xbox One and Switch in 2018, the visuals still look dated when compared to the likes of Elden Ring (although to be fair, many newer games would struggle to look as good as certain areas in the Lands Between - looking at you, Nokstella).

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As such, one talented fan has now shown us all what Dark Souls might look like if we were ever blessed with an Unreal Engine 5 remake, and we’re gonna need it to become a reality right now. As DSOGaming reports, YouTube creator SilasCG released a short video showcasing a souped-up, shiny version of Dark Souls’ Anor Londo, and fans have been left blown away.

“I wanted to see how Dark Souls Anor Londo assets would look like in […] Unreal Engine 5 with high quality lighting, so I made this video,” the creator wrote in the video description. “I added some elements, but most are still Dark Souls 1 assets.”

Soulsborne fans have been full of praise for the project: “‘Amazing’ sells this short. This is beyond amazing,” Quentin Becker commented. “This looks fantastic! Makes me wanna see what it looks like after killing Gwynevere, though. Imagine the moonlight filtering through the windows,” wrote Mostenire. “Amazing! Come on FromSoftware, you can do it,” added Paulorockz.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a playable project at the time of writing, but we can only hope that FromSoftware might take some inspiration from it in the future. We need something to help tide us over for that Elden Ring DLC, right?

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco, SilasCG via YouTube

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